Peter Marcus

Supercharge your communications with the help of an NCTJ trained journalist.



From a start on The News, a popular local newspaper, Peter has seen my work appear in publications around the world. With a focus on communities, charities, and non-profits, Peter knows how to get your brand and story in front of the people who matter - journalists, editors, and producers.


By working with Peter to come up with a new PR strategy you’ll be benefiting from the experience of someone who understands not only the media, but also the fact that he spends everyday working in the sectors he specialises in.

Peter only works with brands and organisations which inspire him and with people he admires. A story is only as strong as the people behind it.


Social Media

Any public relations strategy needs to be backed up by a strong use of your own communications channels. Peter can support you in using your social media channels to push people to your stories - both on your website and in the media.