Officially Peter Guest Post Agreement.

We publish a variety of content with a unique blend of thought-provoking content and personal stories. Our mission is to inspire openness, forward thinking, and active citizenship. We’d love to invite you to join us in offering our readers high quality content to read and enjoy

Before we can publish your work, we need to make sure we’re on the same page about what we both expect. We’ve tried to keep this Guest Post Agreement simple but they’re really important, so we can’t simplify it too much. Following one of the internet’s greatest traditions, we’ve summarise each point after we make it in a tl;dr fashion (if you don’t know, that means ‘too long; didn’t read’) but we recommend you make sure you fully understand the whole agreement.

1 - Your Post

  1. Your post should be about something that you’re passionate about. We’re all for trying out something new, but we’re looking for content that our readers can really get into.

  2. Your post should be about 300 to 1,500. It could be a little longer or shorter if needed, but no too much.

tl;dr - Write honestly about something you care about and your post will be awesome.

2 - Editing

  1. By submitting a guest post, you grant the Officially Peter team the right to edit your post to make sure it fits in on our site. These edits will focus primarily on spelling, grammar, and clarity but may include a slight reworking of your content.

  2. Editing will never change the meaning or implication of your post.

  3. If you are not a native English speaker, we may need to change some spelling and grammar to fit in with our writing style. We use British English.

tl;dr - We might edit your work, but we will never change the meaning of what you write.

3 - Links

  1. We have a minimalist approach to linking on the Officially Peter website. However, if you write something which you should feature a link to an outside website (or your own website), just let us know.

  2. In addition to links you suggest, we might add links that we think will be useful to people reading what you write.

  3. If you do suggest links, they should not be affiliate links. If you don’t know what these are, it’s when you include a link for which you get some kind of reward – normally financial – if readers follow them (although if you don’t know what they are, you probably won’t be using them).

  4. Of course, this is a great opportunity to get people to look at your website/blog/Facebook Page/Twitter. Let us know those and we’ll put them in so readers can connect with you.

tl;dr - We’re cool with linking – as long as we do it nicely.

4 - Copyright

  1. We have a straight forward view on copyright – it’s your work so you own the copyright.

  2. You can repost what you write elsewhere as long as you use your original version and not our edited version.

  3. You grant us an irrevocable and perpetual, worldwide license to publish and distribute what you send us. That basically means we can publish it and will never have to take it down.

  4. You grant us the right to license your content to third parties. If such a licensing deal is made, you will be entitled to claim 75% of the fee we receive.

  5. We’ll respect your copyright and we’ll both respect other people’s. Don’t steal other people’s work and try and say it’s yours. You can quote people if you make it clear who said it originally.

tl;dr        Copyright’s important. You keep the copyright to your work and just let us use it.

5 - Pictures and Feature Images

  1. They say a picture tells a thousand words so feel free to send them in.

  2. Make sure you’re allowed to use any images you send us and get permission from everyone in it (if there is anyone in it). We won’t check you’ve got permission – by sending a photo in you agree that you’ve made sure it’s ok for us to use it.

  3. You can submit a feature image if you wish. This should be a square and will be seen on the site’s homepage and in promotional material. If you do not submit a featured image, we will create one.

  4. Any images you send us are covered by the copyright statement above.

tl;dr        Everyone loves pictures – just make sure you’re allowed to use whatever you send in.

6 - Publication

  1. We reserve the right not to publish any content you send us for any (or no) reason.

  2. We reserve the right to decide when your content will be published (although if you’ve got a day/date in mind, do let us know).

  3. We reserve the right to remove content even after it’s been published.

tl;dr        We can choose whether we publish your content and when we do it.

7 - Indemnification

  1. You agree to indemnify any us against any claims of plagiarism, defamation, or any other claim.

  2. You agree to hold us harmless against all claims from you.

  3. You agree to cover all legal costs incurred by us in relation to any claim related to your content.

tl;dr        You are legally responsible for your content.

8 - Legal

  1. This agreement is governed by the laws of England and Wales.

  2. If any part of this agreement is found to be unlawful or unenforceable, the rest will still stand unaffected.