#TogetherWeCan Draw Our Dream

The 25th World Scout Jamboree in South Korea will provide a once in a lifetime opportunity to thousands of young people from the UK to experience a truly global event.

We know that taking part in an event like the World Scout Jamboree is expensive.

The Peter Marcus Foundation’s Jamboree Fund will give small grants (up to £50) to individuals and groups. You can either put this money towards your Jamboree funds or spend it to help you raise more money.


The Peter Marcus Foundation Jamboree Fund is run and managed by The Peter Marcus Foundation.

The Jamboree Fund is not authorized or supported by The Scout Association, the World Organization of the Scout Movement, or the organiser's of the 25th World Scout Jamboree. Nothing contained on this page should be taken to mean that any of those bodies has licensed The Peter Marcus Foundation or its associates to reproduce any Scout material.

Any questions about the UK Contingent to the 25th World Scout Jamboree should be directed to the UK Contingent. Any questions about the Jamboree should be directed to the organisers.