May's Deal Rejected: There's Only One Way Forward

With Theresa May and her government being dealt the most humiliating defeat in British political history, and facing a vote of no confidence, it is undeniable that the only way to clean up the mess that is Brexit is by letting the British people make their voice heard.

The Result of the Vote

Following last night’s overwhelming rejection of May’s deal, the case for passing the decision back to the electorate was made clearer than ever. It is essential, now, that MPs move quickly to support - and push for - a People’s Vote. It is highly unlikely that Jeremy Corbyn’s will pass today; the Conservatives and DUP will rally around their leader and their government. Today Labour MP Liz Kendall said that the Labour party “needs to provide the leadership this country needs” - and that includes trusting the public to decide their future.

Now, as before yesterday’s historic vote, it is clear that a People’s Vote is the only way to break the deadlock in Parliament. MPs cannot find an answer to the Brexit riddle posed to them in 2016 - only a democratic decision by the people can sort this out.

Peter MarcusComment